Understanding the Fear of Flying

The relationship that humans have had with flights has dramatically changed over the last century. Today, air travel is more than the fantasy most people thought it was, with most people using it widely as their transportation mode. The world records over 100,000 flights every day. The International Air Transport Association estimates that around 3.7 billion people flew in 2017. In 2016, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics noted that 718 million people flew, boarding approximately 8.6 million flights.

Such statistics reveal an increase in air travel in both overall safety and frequency. However, some people are still afraid of flying. But, research has shown that air travel is way safer than other transportation modes, including:

  • Subways
  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • Buses

Nevertheless, most people experience moments that make them a bit uneasy. For instance, when the airplane wheels touch the tarmac and start running down or hit the wrong turbulence patch, most people grasp their armrests tighter.

However, those unsettled or jostled moments are short-lived. And the feeling disappears after passing those moments. The only challenge is for people with flying fear or aviophobia. For individuals with aviophobia, continuous fear is deep-rooted. And this is more than the uneasiness that comes with the fleeting feeling.

The Causes of the Fear of Flying

Several factors can cause the fear of a flight. For instance, one direct influence or several factors can lead to this anxiety. An example of an immediate effect can be something that a lousy flight you once experienced. It can also connect to a traumatic flight or aviation event that someone close to you went through.

The lack of control is a common trigger and a primary aviophobia influencer. When high up there, you recognize that you’ve no control over some things in this life.

Claustrophobia can also trigger aviophobia. The plane has a tight and crowded cabin. And this can feel confining when boarding a plane with high emotions.

All these factors can cause the fear of flight. However, you can conquer this fear by staying centered, eliminating stressful distractions, and finding a focus. Also, anticipate anxiety when traveling and prepare accordingly.

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