Tips for Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease

If you suffer from Parkinson’s disease or have someone that suffers from it and you intend to travel, you need extra planning to make your trip smooth. Here are some of the tips that will make traveling with Parkinson’s disease easier.


Talk to the airline that you intend to use about your condition. Also tell the train station management that you suffer from Parkinson’s disease. This may help you board the airplane early to have the extra time you need to settle down. Flight attendants can also help you get into the plane.

Get Adequate Rest

Add a day or several hours to your rest during the trip. For instance, you can have long layovers if possible. Also include exercise breaks and stretch breaks if possible.

Keep Medicine Close

When traveling, carry medicine in your carry-on bag. This is particularly important if you will be away from luggage for some time.

Carry Comfort Items

In addition to extra medications, carry comfort items. These may include items that you do not use such as a walker, wheelchair, and a cane. These can enhance your convenience when traveling.

Prepare for Security Check

Use a separate bag for medicine to make pulling it out easy. Also carry DBS manufacturer certificate if you just underwent a surgery or when applying for pre-screening by TSA. Keep them where you can reach out for them without taking off your shoes or jacket.

Ask for a Wheelchair

At the airport, get a wheelchair even if you don’t think you will need it. Many people with Parkinson’s disease don’t think they need a wheelchair but they end up using it.

Once you arrive at your travel destination, stick to your routine. This includes taking medication on schedule and exercising. Finally, focus on enjoying the trip to the fullest as long as your health allows.


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