How to Travel with Baby Formula

If you are traveling with a formula-fed baby, there are certain things to keep in mind for a hassle-free trip. The following are useful tips on how to travel with baby formula. 

Pack Baby Formula in See-through Bags 

Similar to other types of liquids, the baby formula will have to go through screening at the airport security. As a result, it is always advisable to pack the formula in see-through bags to give the airport security an easier time in screening the contents. When you get to the security, take out the contents. 

Consider Carrying Baby Formula in 100ml Bottles 

According to the TSA and most airlines, you should carry liquids in 100ml bottles. Although you may also carry more, doing so would require a separate screening process. The amount of baby formula to pack will depend on the duration of your trip but, always make sure that you have enough for your infant. For the safety of the baby, the bottles should be sterilized. 

Carry Your Baby Formula 

Sometimes, you may think of not carrying baby formula on the assumption that they can be bought from stores at your destination. The only problem with such assumptions is that you may not find the right baby formula that your baby uses at the destination. Thus, you should pack an adequate baby formula to sustain the baby on the trip before leaving home. 

Keep Baby Formula in Your Carry-on 

When traveling, it is advisable to feed the baby as often as possible and, that means you should have the formula in hand. Packing baby formula in the carry-on will ensure that you can always feed the baby at your convenience. 

Baby formula is an essential travel item whenever you are traveling with an infant. The above tips will help you to clearly understand the basics of traveling with baby formula. 

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