How to Avoid Business Travel Burnout

How to Avoid Business Travel Burnout

The other night while speaking with a friend of mine that has his business out in Texas called Glass Dawg, got to explaining to me that business travelers are also called road warriors. That’s because traveling for business comes with battles and victories. Forgetting crucial in-person relationships and spending many hours on the road are some of the drawbacks of business travel. And burnout is the major drawback of business travel. However, it is possible to prevent burnout when traveling for business. Simply follow these tips.

Plan Your Workout

Heading to a gym is not a priority for many business travelers. That’s because many travelers have tight schedules. However, working out will enable your body to release endorphins. This hormone is very important because it alleviates stress while boosting creativity. When traveling for business, you will most likely stay in hotels that feature on-site fitness centers and gyms. If your hotel doesn’t have a fitness center or gym, ask the management whether there is such a facility near the hotel. Nevertheless, take time to exercise regardless of how tight your schedule is.

Enjoy a Luxury Experience

After working out in a gym, double up your de-stressing with a spa treatment. You can also hang out at a trendy club or restaurant. Go for facial, massage, or grab a fancy champagne glass. This will give you a mental break and allow you to indulge you in some luxurious self-care. You can also book dinner reservation if you will arrive in the evening.

Take a Day Off

Don’t work all the time without resting. Instead, take time to relax and tour your destination. For instance, if you plan on going back home on Thursday, ask your employer to give you a Friday off to allow yourself time to relax. Take this time to explore and have fun before you go back to your routine. During this time, take a break from emails and use this time to rest, plan and regain perspective.

Regardless of your business travel destination, follow these tips and you will avoid business travel burnout.  


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